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EBA SOUTH Project recrute un consultant pour accompagner son évaluation à mi-parcours en

accompagnement d'un consultant international. Les consultants intéressés peuvent obtenir les termes de références du poste en écrivant à l'adresse Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. For decades, Mauritania is facing the complex problems of development and environmental sustainability challenges. Its natural resources (land, water and marine) are threatened both in quantity and quality by downside risks more seriously. The pressures facing resources and natural areas well beyond their renewal capacity. Thus, the overexploitation of water resources and fisheries, overgrazing of rangelands, over-exploitation of land and forests reduce biodiversity spaces, and in addition, resource capacity to meet the growing needs of people. Likewise, the fragile areas, such as coastal and wetlands are under human pressure and over-concentration of activities that undermine sites and high value landscapes.

The environmental degradation is manifested by the increasing of desertification impact, degradation of ecosystems, and extinction of animal and plant species. The strong pressure on ground water and the growing scarcity of water resources, with a tendency towards a situation critical water shortages in the future. The erosion and loss of soil fertility, siltation dam reservoirs, increasing climate change-inducing factors (gases from transportation, factories and waste degradation, ...), all an impact on both the economy and the quality of daily lives.






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